D.J. Dave...AKA David Banta --Gray Phone Book

WELCOME TO MY PAGE.   ARE YOU READY TO PARTY? ! ! ! Beginners Computer School

Let's Party ! ! ! My job isn't just to play music...NO!  My job is to see that EVERYONE has a good time.

I'm Mid -Georgia's Best and Cheapest. I have been a D.J. for 12 years and now I'm busy almost every weekend.

This year, starting in April, I will be doing 5 Relays for Life.

E-mail djdave01@windstream.net  Phone 478-986-4410 Click photos, videos, or funstuff for (PACMAN.)

 Wedding ? Birthday ? Family Reunions ? No Problem.

Holiday Party....MMMM..Call Early!

Ask me what kind of music I can play at your party.

That is usually the first question people ask.

 I have 63,000 songs on a 1000 gig hard drive.

I have 50,000 Karaoke. Yes, They have the words on the screen and I have

 Microphones setup for you to sing your heart out... It's a BLAST!

 I can put on a show or I can go by your step by step instructions. 

See If I have your Favorite KARAOKE Song,Click here..http://www.karaokemanager.com/djdave/karaokesongs.asp?letter=c

You can even e-mail me a list.

I also rent out a 1100 watt Karaoke and Music Machine with all my songs included.

Don't be fooled by DJ's that charge by the hour. They get the party going and you're not going to tell

your friends to leave, so they rake in the money.

Shoot, I even make you a free DVD of the Party! 

I only charge one flat fee. I come early and stay as late as you like.

I go anywhere in the state of GEORGIA. 

I also convert ANYTHING ! (including your VHS protected movies) To DVD: Vinyl Records or Reel to Reel 8mm.

I give computer classes in your home for Beginners and I am A+ Certified in Computer Repair.